Little Steph - munchkin
Here is my testimonial (let me know if it’s too long ;P)

I believe that being in the happiest state possible upon embarking on my favourite, but also most gruelling part of the day (aka TRAINING!!! :D) is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, for too long, and even as the shopaholic that I am, I was unable to find clothing that embraced ALL of the things that make me smile, namely BRIGHT COLOURS, FLUFFY CUTE CREATURES and of course, a way in which I could scream to the world that I LOVE CROSSFIT. Just as I was getting desperate and was considering using crayons and my shameful art skills to make my own colourful fluffy creature covered Crossfit shirt, the Pumped Gods answered my prayers.

At Pumped, FLUFFY ANIMALS DOING CROSSFIT are printed on BRIGHT COLOURED TANKS. Did I mention that these tanks are of SUPERIOR QUALITY as well? Did I mention that even after I drench them in sweat and wash them over and over again almost daily, they remain the most beautiful things on this planet?

I say these words not because I am Pumped’s biggest fan. I say them because Pumped is my biggest fan – in fact, Pumped is every wearer’s biggest fan. Lucky as I am to know the dedicated individuals on the production team, I know that I can always rest assured that every step – all the way from design right up until the moment that the tank is placed in my eager little hands – is always attended to with the utmost care.

No words can truly describe the amount of joy that ownership of a Pumped tank brings, so even if you believe none of the above, at least do one thing and just GET A TANK. Experience for yourself why I wear Pumped tanks everywhere I go, why they make me smile every day, and why I am, and always will be Pumped’s biggest fan!