What is PUMPED?
All fired up.
Totally psyched.


We are PUMPED.

Once upon a time, after another gruesome WOD; 3 crossfitters wished there was a line of apparel that was unique, fun, colourful & readily available in HK. Not just any t-shirt printing but of high quality & environmentally sustainable…

Petra Schweiger
Petra SchweigerHead of Production aka “Wall Ball Killer”
Mastermind behind our humble little startup. She’s the one person that we worship, she makes our dreams come true. She is the one with over 15 years experience in the world of garments (yes, she started working at 12!) – RESPECT!
Denis Giglioli
Denis GiglioliHead of Design aka “Eat Pasta, Squat Fasta”
Creator of the awesome characters on our T-shirts. He only needs his computer and felt tips to bring the next little monster to life. He loves nothing more than thinking about what goes on the next T-shirt. Years of experience in multimedia design under his belt – no ideas are too difficult for Denis.
Betsy Haynes
Betsy HaynesHead of Marketing aka “Road Run Escapist”
The active one on social media, constantly bombarding you with happy faces rocking our T’s. There is only one goal – buy Pumped gear and wear it with pride, you know you want to! Her extensive experience in the hospitality industry means only one thing – service with a smile