Cotton or Organic Cotton?

Our philosophy on natural fibres for everyday workout started with our research within our local box.  The conclusion from our own crossfit community seemed clear – their preference is to wear cotton active wear.  WHY?  Cotton is soft, comfortable & it doesn’t irritate your skin even throughout the most horrific WOD!

While synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon conserve heat, cotton lets your skin breathe, it’s a good heat conductor and keeps your body cool in summer and warm in winter. Cotton also absorbs extremely well and holds up a multiple of its own weight in water. A great thing for us Crossfitters: when wet, cotton is naturally stronger than in dry condition enhancing its wear & tear resistance! You may think: what about all the sweat marks?!  Well, isn’t this the whole point of working out?!

A major benefit for your partner WOD: cotton washes clean and does not hold odor back like synthetic fibers do…phew!

Cotton is raw and natural not dissimilar to our fitness philosophy. At Pumped, we have even gone that extra mile and committed to organic cotton for our t-shirts.

  • Organically certified cotton seeds instead of genetically modified ones which means a much bigger financial investment and minimise long-term negative effects on the environment
  • No chemical fertilizers and pesticides polluting nature or harming the health of our farmers or consumers
  • Less water to irrigate organic cotton fields, the taller plants provide shade so that rain water does not vaporise quite as fast.

Farm to Shop

Our Pumped t-shirts are made of organic cotton and part of the fibres used are grown on farms whose significance are much more than growing cotton. Our supply chain partner works closely with a famers’ association in Shanxi Province, China comprising of 3,800 farmers covering 35 villages.

Vision of the association: 

  • Provide environmental and economic sustainability in rural China
  • Community projects in public health and cultural activities
  • Retaining talent and young people in rural areas and avoiding migration to big cities by offering economic opportunities
  • Soil improvement through biodiversity and organic farming
  • Promoting sustainable living in all China

NOTE: If you would like to know more about the supply chain that PUMPED works with in supporting sustainable agriculture, please visit Mecilla